“Aging” your steak has definite purposes. The sweetness, tenderness and flavor of properly aged beef cannot be duplicated. It is a costly, complicated process that brings inestimable improvement! Many restaurateurs believe two weeks of aging to be sufficient. At Steakhouse 10, we believe a minimum of three weeks are required to achieve the extra richness and quality that will make your Steakhouse 10 Sterling Silver Steak truly memorable.

Frankly, it is very expensive meat. We know you expect the very best. If you were to talk to those who know and understand intricacies of beef selection, you would learn that our buyer buys the finest most beautiful beef in this part of the country and it comes from our state, out of Sterling, Colorado; Sterling Silver Beef. We handle this extraordinary meat with care, which may be why it is not unusual for a Steakhouse 10 guest to tell us that he has dinedeverywhere, and never before tasted such a steak.

  • very rare………………..…cold raw center
  • rare…………………large red, slightly warm center
  • medium rare……………..warm red center
  • medium…………………hot pink to red center
  • medium well…………little color remaining
  • well done……………..a bit dry, no color remaining

We cannot guarantee the tenderness of a steak ordered medium well or well done, but your wish is our command. The staff’s main concern is that you and your guests enjoy an unforgettable repast when you dine at Steakhouse 10.

FILET MIGNON (7oz/10oz)


For the steak connoisseur this is the most tender of all beef, seasoned & charbroiled to your liking.



Lightly sprinkled with fresh ground black pepper and topped with our peppercorn brandy cream sauce.



Two petite filets on a crouton, sautéed and topped with Béarnaise and Chanterelle sauce.

NEW YORK STRIP (10oz/14oz)


This very popular steak is tender, but not quite as tender as the filet steaks. However, you will find its flavor much deeper and richer.



For the connoisseur that prefers a different variety of steak. The excellent flavor of prime ribs of beef remains in a charcoal steak form.



14 oz. New York Strip, seasoned in our house seasoning, charbroiled to perfection and topped with sautéed peppers, onions, mushrooms, and Kalamata olives that have been deglazed with cognac.



Colorado lamb, marinated in Greek olive oil and fresh herbs, charbroiled to your liking.



1 lb. center select Porterhouse cut pork chop of the finest pork loin available, marinated in fresh herbs, olive oil and lemons, charbroiled to perfection.