Steakhouse 10

In 2002, the brothers Pete and Kosta Kallas opened a boutique steakhouse in the heart of Englewood, Colorado. They had a desire to build a place where family and friends could enjoy the most delicious steaks in Colorado, drink some of the finest wine, and experience a level of service and attention to detail that has been lost in today’s restaurant industry. Paying homage to East Coast metropolitan steakhouses while honoring Denver’s rich culinary legacy, 17 years later Steakhouse 10 has become a fixture on the local restaurant scene.

The house specialty here at Steakhouse 10 is our aged steaks. All of our meat is bought locally out of Sterling, Colorado. They are then aged a minimum of three weeks through a specially certified wet aging process. We feel this gives our steaks a quality that makes them a cut above your standard steak dinner. Another thing that sets us apart from most local steakhouses is that we are not a la carte so included with every dinner is a potato and vegetable along with your choice of soup or salad. Add in a glass of wine, from our chef suggested wine pairings to some of our exclusive bottles on our wine list, and you have all the ingredients for a memorable evening.

With a focus on outstanding food, fabulous wine, and treating everyone like family, Pete and Kosta have created over the years one of the best kept secrets in Englewood. We have earned a reputation that we still strive to meet everyday. We are not your average steakhouse but then again we are not trying to be. We are something special. A throwback to a time when going out to eat with your family was an event to be looked forward to all week. We are Steakhouse 10.